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Promotional items are a fun and effective way of getting your business on the map. If your business is still young, it can plant brand awareness while serving a purpose to the people in your community – a win-win situation if there ever was one. When it comes to advertising, there are many mediums in which you can choose to market your company. Taking your budget into consideration and knowing you can only advertise in so many places, marketers typically choose a medium depending on the goal of the advertisement. Promotional products are usually used for target or niche audiences, but what most don’t know is that they are also rated better than TV and newspaper/magazines when it comes to reaching a mass audience.

In a PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) survey, promotional products were ranked against other advertising mediums (TV, direct mail, newspaper/consumer magazines, trade publications, internet, and social media) in terms of their effectiveness with certain marketing attributes. They ranked first in the following attributes:
Ability to achieve long-term memorability at the cost of paying only for a single exposure
Flexibility to fit the cost of the medium to whatever budget is available
Ability to bond the audience and advertiser, promoting repeat business
Audience friendly (ie not likely to offend or be regarded as a nuisance)
Ability to generate traffic to the company at stores, trade shows, events, etc.
If this isn’t convincing enough to choose promotional products as a mode of advertising, a 2006 study conducted by LSU and University of Texas-San Antonio found that American consumers viewed an advertising message more credible if it came from a promotional product (53%), as compared to one delivered through TV (33%). So stop spending your entire advertising budget on a TV ad that will air a handful of times, and may not even reach your target audience. Instead, distribute cost-effective promotional products that your customers will use and remember!

What to Keep in Mind

Although part of the strategy is to spend less than you would on other methods of advertising, try not to go too cheap. People tend to appreciate a bit of craftsmanship or elegance and sometimes it's better to spend a little bit more than you thought, instead of a little bit less than you should. A pen that writes poorly and feels clunky is likely to get tossed in the garbage can, but a good solid one will be kept by your client or prospect engaged for years.

Great promotional items do the following:

Target customers and give them what they need and want.
Are attractive and communicate your brand message.
Are in-line with your brand image.

With over a decade of promotional experience and clients who make up a large part of the “who’s who” list in the Fortune 1000, we can make things easier for you. The process of buying promotional products does not have to be difficult or time consuming.

We want you to know at some point in the past EVERY SINGLE CLIENT was in the exact same position you are in today: They used to work with another promotional company. Unfortunately for one reason or another that other company disappointed them. So they decided to contact us. We Guarantee our orders, we Guarantee our order quality, and we have an additional 5% Free Goods Guarantee. They have all been loyal clients ever since.

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